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A well known and recognized name in the U.S.A. offering a wide range of choice of high quality dental surgery equipment.

A leading manufacturer of dental manikins and models used around the world developing a wide variety of simulation systems and models.

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Terms of Sale / Warranty.

Phantom Head Dental Ltd warrants all products supplied to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a given period from the date of supply. No other warranties are expressed or implied. This warranty shall extend for One Year unless otherwise stated. Written notice of breach must be given to Phantom Head Dental Ltd reference all goods within this period. Buyers remedy for breach of this warranty is limited to repair parts or replacement of items by Phantom Head Dental Ltd.

During the warranty period, all parts which are proved defective and which Phantom Head Dental Ltd on inspection and examination shall disclose to be defective will be replaced or repaired. All decisions concerning whether a defective part will be repaired or replaced and the manner, method and extent of such a repair or replacement shall be at the sole discretion of Phantom Head Dental Ltd. Any defective parts or the equipment to be repaired must be removed and prepared for examination and inspection by Phantom Head Dental Ltd. All at the expense of buyer and freight pre-paid.

This warranty is void if items are carelessly used or improperly maintained, abused or installed incorrectly.

Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and / or damage that results:- from using cleaning, disinfecting or sterilisation chemicals and processes. This warranty does not cover light bulbs. Handpiece illumination and heated syringe tubings are warranted for six months. Water heaters and warranty repairs are warranted for three months to be free from defects in material and workmanship only. No claim for labour or consequential damages will be allowed.

This warranty is made expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including the implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. No employee, representative or Dealer is authorised to change this warranty in any way or to grant any other warranty when dealing with this subject.


Service during the full warranty period is the responsibility of the Dealer and or Agent.

Phantom Head Dental Ltd and / or their appointed representative may offer or give technical assistance during the warranty period, but all service visits made by Phantom Head Dental Ltd and /or their representative will be invoiced at the normal service charge. This also applies to assistance given at the time of installation of product.

When a manufacturer makes changes, modifications, or improvements to its products Phantom Head Dental Ltd is not required to make them on any products previously manufactured or sold.

Return Merchandise.

Dealers wishing to return merchandise for credit consideration must obtain prior authorisation. A handling fee of 20% may be charged. Goods supplied to special order cannot be accepted for return.

Payment terms are 28 Days from Date of Invoice. All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.

Phantom Head Dental Ltd reserves the right to cancel any order or balance of order or contract without liability to ourselves where supply or delivery of goods is prevented by circumstances beyond our control or it is considered that payment terms will not be met or adhered too.